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Saker Music brings you the finest sheet music by the finest composers and arrangers. We are very proud of our established list of artists and their compositions and arrangements. Saker Music started publishing sheet music with the idea in our mind to bring special items to your sheet music library. Our composers and arrangers will surely fulfill your artistic needs.

meet the roster of artists published by saker music

Composers and arrangers

Aron Simon

Arranger | Founder of Saker Music
Read about Aron Simon

Csaba Wagner

Bass Trombonist | Arranger
Read about Csaba Wagner

Steven Franklin

Composer | Associate Principal Trumpet of Kansas City Opera
Read about Steven Franklin

Haim Avitsur

Arranger | Trombone soloist, chamber musician, teacher
Read about Haim Avitsur

Francois Bogaert

Arranger | Principal trombonist at Opéra de Rouen Normandie, arranger, conductor and teacher
Read about Francois Bogaert

Dave Deason

Read about Dave Deason

Igor Martinez

composer | Principal tuba at Simon Bolivar Orchestra, soloist, teacher
Read about Igor Martinez

Máté Füzy

Arranger | Saker Music member
Read about Máté Füzy

Paul Krzywicki

Arranger | Former tuba player of The Philadelphia Orchestra, tuba faculty at The Curtis Institute of Music
Read about Paul Krzywicki

Csaba Kovacs

arranger and composer | tuba soloist
Read about Csaba Kovacs

Ferenc Nyíri

Arranger | bass trombonist
Read about Ferenc Nyíri

Pasquale Magnifici

Composer and arranger | Trombonist
Read about Pasquale Magnifici

Luca Fialdini

composer and pianist
Read about Luca Fialdini

Adam Gal

Composer | French horn player

Adam Gal

bio coming soon.
Read about Adam Gal

Zoltan Kovacs

Composer | Principal Bassoon at the Hungarian State Opera
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