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Ferenc Nyiri arranger published by Saker Music.

Ferenc Nyíri

Ferenc Nyíri was born in 1964, in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary. After finishing high school Mr. Nyíri attended the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music at Szeged where he received his degree in Trombone Performance as a student of legendary Hungarian professor Mr.István Simon. Mr.Nyíri was previously a member of the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra (1985-1989), the Szeged National Theater Orchestra (1989-1993) then joined the Szeged Symphony Orchestra where he played until his passing in 2022.
Besides his orchestra career Mr.Nyíri is also an active chamber musician. He appeared in many venues of different countries, also television and radio broadcasts where he performs mostly his own arrangements with different sets of brass ensembles. He regularly organizes world premieres of contemporary Hungarian music as well as pieces from international composers. His active role in performing contemporary works of Hungarian composers was awarded with the prestigious ARTISJUS award in 2001. Mr.Nyíri passed away in May 2022.

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