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Anton Bruckner: Graduale – Os justi for trombone quartet

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Bruckner’s sacred motet ‘Os justi’ is transformed into a resonant and contemplative trombone quartet by Aron Simon.

Anton Bruckner composed the sacred motet “Os justi” in 1879, originally intended for a mixed choir. Over time, this composition garnered significant acclaim and became the subject of numerous instrumental adaptations. One particularly noteworthy arrangement is by Aron Simon, who skillfully transcribed it for trombone quartet and published by Saker Music.

The quartet formation comprises three tenor trombones and one bass trombone, allowing for a rich and resonant sound that adds a unique dimension to the piece. This arrangement successfully captures the spiritual essence and contemplative nature of Bruckner’s composition, immersing listeners in a profoundly meditative experience.

Derived from Psalm 37:30-31, “Os justi” translates to “The Mouth of the Righteous” in English. Bruckner’s musical setting delicately reflects the serene and profound themes found within the sacred text, creating a musical journey that resonates with spiritual introspection.

Through the trombone quartet arrangement, the inherent solemnity and grandeur of Bruckner’s composition are magnified. The quartet adeptly explores the subtleties of Bruckner’s harmonic language, emphasizing the interplay between voices and forging a seamless blend of sound. As the trombones soar and intertwine, they carry listeners through passages of quiet reflection and moments of powerful expression.

Bruckner’s “Os justi” is characterized by its majestic melodies, rich harmonies, and the expressive use of dynamics. In the trombone quartet arrangement, these elements are preserved, providing a platform for performers to showcase their technical prowess and interpretive abilities.

The adaptation by Aron Simon maintains the integrity of the original choral work while harnessing the unique versatility of the trombones. This adoptation of Bruckner’s composition and the sonorous qualities of the trombone quartet results in a moving musical experience that invites contemplation of divinity conveyed through the psalm.

Overall, the trombone quartet arrangement of “Os justi” by Anton Bruckner, arranged by Aron Simon, offers a fresh perspective on this timeless sacred composition. It manages to retain the spiritual essence of the original choral work while leveraging the capabilities of the trombones. The result is a profound and emotionally resonant musical journey that engages listeners in a deep exploration of faith and transcendence.

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BRUCKNER, Anton (1824-1896)


SIMON, Aron (*1987)


Church Music, Romantic Music


3 Tenor Trombones, Bass Trombone




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