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Adam David Gal – Richard Wagner: Fantasy Excerpts from the operas: Tannhauser and Die Walkure


Immerse in Wagner’s operatic realm with Adam David Gal’s riveting arrangement of “Tannhauser” and “Die Walkure” excerpts. Twelve horns in F, two Bb euphoniums, and a resonant tuba harmonize seamlessly, encapsulating Wagner’s grandeur. Elevate your ensemble’s performance and delve into the emotive depths of church music through this captivating sheet music. Download today to traverse the opera’s intricate narratives and majestic crescendos, creating a spellbinding musical experience that echoes Wagner’s timeless brilliance.

Adam David Gal Presents Wagner Fantasy Excerpts: A Marvelous Horn Ensemble Arrangement

Step into the enchanting world of Wagner‘s operas with an exceptional arrangement by Adam David Gal. Dive into harmonious melodies with this captivating sheet music.

An Ode to Wagner: Fantasy Excerpts

Experience the essence of Wagner’s masterpieces as Adam David Gal brings excerpts from “Tannhauser” and “Die Walkure” to life through a remarkable horn ensemble arrangement.

Crafting Musical Mastery

Gal’s arrangement shines brilliantly, featuring a fusion of 12 resplendent horns in F, 2 euphoniums in Bb, and a resonant tuba.

An Extravaganza of Sound

This arrangement weaves the operatic magic of “Tannhauser” and “Die Walkure” into a tapestry of melodic brilliance.

Dive into the richness of Wagner’s compositions, intricately woven into the tapestry of the horn ensemble. Embrace crescendos and decrescendos that narrate dramatic tales.

With seamless transitions, the arrangement captures the essence of Wagner’s operatic journey, showcasing moments of grandeur and sublime beauty.

Unveil the lush harmonies and dynamic contrasts that ignite this arrangement with a transcendent aura. The collective voices of the horn ensemble create an enchanting performance.

The sheet music offers an enthralling exploration, allowing each instrument to shine within the harmonious whole. Elevate your ensemble’s repertoire with this arrangement that epitomizes horn chamber music’s grandeur.

This arrangement, meticulously crafted by Adam David Gal, ensures seamless interplay, bringing Wagner’s operatic world to life through the horn ensemble. Each instrument adds unique dimensions to the composition.

Download the sheet music and embark on a musical odyssey that fuses Wagner’s grandeur with Gal’s arrangement brilliance. Let the captivating charm of these operatic fantasy excerpts elevate your ensemble’s performance.

Embrace the symphonic magic as Adam David Gal‘s arrangement unites the world of opera, horn ensemble, and Wagner’s timeless artistry.


GAL, Adam David (*1986)


12 Horns in F, 2 Euphoniums in Bb, Tuba


Opera, Romantic Music

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