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Dave Deason: Wind Tunnels for trombone quartet

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Notes from the composer, Dave Deason about Wind Tunnels for Trombone Quartet

The first movement of Dave Deason ‘s Wind Tunnels for Trombone Quartet should begin as if it is a ‘Roman military call’ in a stentorian manner. The bulk of the movement should be played at a relaxing speed, but not in a frenetic manner. The second movement is a ‘song’ and should be played in an expressive and cantabile manner. Giving attention to the antiphonal and overlapping entries. The third movement can be played at a very fast tempo depending on the skill level of the performers.

As a virtuoso ensemble, the Szeged Ensemble featured a brilliant tempo – very fast, but exciting and controlled. Other ensembles should feel free to pick a speed that is right for them according to the acoustic space they are playing in.

A great piece premiered by great players

After writing the piece, I had no idea who to send it to for a possible performance, as I had only a minimal acquaintance with any trombonist. Through an internet search, I came upon the website of the Szeged Trombone Ensemble. It looked and sounded like a very dynamic group. While not thinking that anything would necessarily come of it, I wrote Gyorgy Gyivicsan. Not long after, I heard back from Gyorgy asking to see the score and hear an audio file. That request was followed later by an email saying that they wanted to record the piece. Naturally, I was very thrilled to be associated with such an awesome group! Because of their spectacular performance on the CD, it seemed only natural to dedicate the piece to them.

Listen to a fantastic recording of Wind Tunnels for Trombone Quartet by the Szeged Trombone Ensemble. This recording also appears on the CD called Wind Tunnels:


DESAON, Dave (*1945)


3 Tenor Trombones, Bass Trombone


Contemporary Music






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