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Gustav Holst: Mars, the Bringer of War from The Planets for trombone ensemble, timpani and percussion

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Sheet Music of Gustav Holst’s Mars from ‘The Planets’ is now available for Low Brass Ensemble. Arranged by Aron Simon for the Szeged Trombone Ensemble.

Exploring Holst’s “Mars, the Bringer of War” for Trombone Ensemble

Background of the Piece

Gustav Holst composed “Mars, the Bringer of War” as part of his larger work “The Planets,” crafted between 1914 and 1916. Each movement within the suite represents a celestial body in our solar system. “Mars” specifically embodies the essence of the Roman god of war, showcasing Holst’s mastery in evoking imagery and emotion.

Composer Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst (1874–1934) remains a prominent figure in classical music history, known for his innovative orchestral compositions. His fascination with astrology greatly influenced his work, leading to the creation of “The Planets.” Holst’s compositions often delve into themes of mysticism and nature, earning him recognition as a leading composer of the 20th century.

Arrangement for Trombone Ensemble

Aron Simon arranged “Mars, the Bringer of War” for trombone ensemble, timpani, and percussion, breathing new life into Holst’s iconic composition. Published by Saker Music, this arrangement provides trombone ensembles with a fresh perspective on “Mars.” The piece’s rhythmic drive and martial character suit the bold sound of trombones, complemented by the addition of timpani and percussion.

Performance by Szeged Trombone Ensemble

Under György Gyivicsán’s direction, the Szeged Trombone Ensemble delivers a dynamic rendition of “Mars.” Their interpretation captures the relentless energy and ominous atmosphere of the piece, showcasing the ensemble’s precision and unity. From the thunderous opening to the climactic finale, the Szeged Trombone Ensemble brings Holst’s vision to life with power and conviction.


Holst’s “Mars, the Bringer of War” arranged for trombone ensemble, timpani, and percussion is a thrilling addition to any repertoire. Its evocative imagery and visceral intensity captivate audiences, highlighting the versatility of the trombone ensemble. Whether in a concert hall or special event, “Mars” remains a timeless masterpiece that resonates with listeners worldwide.


HOLST, Gustav (1874-1943)


SIMON, Aron (*1987)


Modern Era


4 Tenor Trombones, Euphonium, 2 Bass Trombones, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion




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