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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Queen of the Night aria from ‘The Magic Flute’ for trombone ensemble and timpani

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‘Der Hölle Rache’ is an aria sung by the Queen of the Night in the second act of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. Arranged for the Szeged Trombone Ensemble by Aron Simon.

Exploring Mozart’s “Queen of the Night” Aria from The Magic Flute for Trombone Ensemble and Timpani

Unveiling Mozart’s Masterpiece

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed the “Queen of the Night” aria from his opera ‘The Magic Flute‘ in 1791. It showcases breathtaking vocal virtuosity and dramatic intensity. This piece stands as one of the most iconic in the operatic repertoire. It features an intricate melody with demanding vocal leaps and runs that portray the Queen of the Night’s fierce determination and vengeful nature.

Composer Spotlight: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) was a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. His works celebrate clarity, elegance, and emotional depth. Mozart’s operas, including ‘The Magic Flute,’ particularly admire for their masterful blending of drama, music, and fantasy.

Arrangement for Szeged Trombone Ensemble and Timpani

Aron Simon arranged Mozart’s “Queen of the Night” aria for the Szeged Trombone Ensemble and timpani. This dynamic adaptation captures the essence of the original vocal piece. It showcases the rich and expressive capabilities of trombones and timpani. Moreover, the trombone ensemble’s powerful sound and the timpani’s rhythmic accents add a new dimension to Mozart’s dramatic composition.

Performance by Szeged Trombone Ensemble and Timpani

Under György Gyivicsán’s direction, the Szeged Trombone Ensemble, accompanied by timpani, delivers a mesmerizing performance of Mozart’s “Queen of the Night” aria. They convey the aria’s dramatic intensity and virtuosic demands with precision and passion. Captivating audiences with their musicality and skill, each trombone’s voice blends seamlessly with the timpani’s rhythmic pulse, creating a spellbinding interpretation of Mozart’s masterpiece.

In conclusion, Mozart’s “Queen of the Night” aria arranged for trombone ensemble and timpani offers a thrilling musical experience. Its combination of vocal brilliance, instrumental prowess, and dramatic flair, brought to life by Aron Simon’s arrangement and the Szeged Trombone Ensemble, makes it a standout addition to any concert program.

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MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)


SIMON, Aron (*1987)


Solo Alto Trombone, 6 Tenor Trombones, Bass Trombone, Timpani


Classical Era, Opera



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