Steven Franklin: Nocturne for Brass Quartet

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Nocturne for Brass Quartet by Steven Franklin is a fantastic composition for french horn, two trombones and tuba. If you are looking for a great recital piece with long, melodic lines then Nocturne is your best choice. Perfect piece for chamber music recitals because of its 3’20 length and chop friendly range.

Here is what the composer, Steven Franklin shares about his piece:
“Nocturne for brass quartet was the result of how I dealt with the passing of a very dear friend of mine. I went through a very difficult time and the only way I could process it was transcribing my emotions on staff paper. As I wrote in the preface the conspicuous absence of a trumpet part in this piece is intentional.
No music can truly express the loss of a life, so I wanted to write something short and unassuming, to simply capture the grief of loss, the fragile beauty of life, and the sweetness of remembrance. If I had to choose my favourite piece from my recent publications it would be Nocturne for Brass Quartet. It is a very special piece for me as well.”

Click on the video to listen to The Brass Project performing Steven Franklin:Nocturne for Brass Quartet.


FRANKLIN, Steven (*1995)


Horn, 2 Trombones & Tuba






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