Igor Martínez: Concerto for Brass Trio and Piano

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Preface by the composer, Igor Martinez:

“The premiere of this piece took place on September 30th, 2017, in the “Fedora Aleman” hall of the National Center for Social Action through Music, with the participation of the Bolivar Brass Trio:
Victor Caldera – Trumpet, Jackson Murillo – Trombone, Igor Martinez – Tuba and maestro David Ascanio – piano.

This piece arises from the concern and the desire to innovate the brass wind world through a totally different configuration; to try to break the mold of the traditional brass trio established in the 20th century. Born as a temporary solution while gathering the rest of the members for a brass quintet to study chamber music at the Simon Bolivar Music Conservatory, the Bolivar Brass Trio used to play arrangements of pieces for others ensembles after class. A very special bond was forged between maestro David Ascanio (a chamber music professor) and the Trio, from the time spent working together in the classroom. There, the great idea of playing together in a recital was proposed, something never seen before: a brass trio without horn, with tuba and a piano. But the first problem appeared: the lack of original repertoire for this format. The first option in my head due to the familiar configuration, was to make and perform an arrangement of “The Popper’s Requiem” for three cellos and piano. However, every day that passed, the idea of an original work for the trio and piano sounded stronger in my mind, something that wouldn’t feel like a concert for three instruments and a piano, but more like a duet between a unity of three brass and a piano having a conversation. Then, the first spark of this idea was born as the descending arpeggio that dictates three of the four notes that are used throughout the work. And thus began a self-imposed week- long imprisonment in which the music took hold of me without stopping. I knew that if I were to stop one day, it would never return to me.

Once finished, I gave the news and surprise to my colleagues Victor and Jackson, that I had composed a work for us. It was received with the best disposition by maestro David Ascanio to not only premiere it, but to play it again and again. In a structure that from the traditional concerto has nothing but the name, I try to present the Trio as a single instrument, which with its different personalities, demonstrates its abilities through the traditional language and some extended techniques.”

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MARTÍNEZ, Igor (*1994)


Trumpet in C, Trombone, Tuba, Piano






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